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Lens Types


Demo Lenses

Comes standard with every frame you purchase. These are plastic lenses with pand name etched into them.

Clear Lenses (No Prescription)

If you want to wear eye glasses for fashion purposes only and do not need prescription, this is the lens for you. You will be able to select lens material on the next page. No prescription is necessary.

Magnification Lenses

These are magnification lenses to help you reading small lettering. These lenses are non-prescription and you just need to select magnification power on the next page. No prescription is necessary.

Distance, Reading or Single Vision lenses

Single vision lenses have your distance prescription power throughout entire lens, or reading prescription power throughout entire lens, or any other specialized prescribed power (such as computer distance) throughout entire lens.

Bifocal Lenses

Bifocals lenses have distance prescription power on upper portion of lens and lined segment with reading prescription power on bottom portion of lens.

Progressive Lenses

Progressives lenses are invisible (no-line) bifocals. Prescription power for reading “progressively” increases from distance prescription on upper portion to reading prescription on bottom portion. It essentially performs similar to a trifocal, but with a smooth transition from distance to near.